Time to Evolve into the Next Chapter of this Journey

At the moment, I’m taking a break from writing the intro and conclusion of my TED Talk. Despite the fact I don’t give it until December, there is a lot that goes into the preparation. For the first time in a long time, I’m nervous about something, which is probably good.

If the speech is posted on YouTube and goes unnoticed, then not much will probably change in my life, but if it goes viral, as many TED Talks do, things could get interesting. Somebody explained it to me like this the other day: I’ve been living the life of a road comedian, touring from town to town and trying a lot of material to see what’s good. Except instead of telling jokes on a stage, I’ve been talking about pornography addiction on podcasts. I’m now at the point where I probably have two hours of really good material and I just shape the interview around whatever the theme of whatever particular podcast I’m on at the moment.

Now, with the TED Talk, it’s like The Tonight Show is calling. Instead of two hours of material, I have to think about my best 15 minutes. Back in the day, being on The Tonight Show for a young comedian could make or break your career. If Johnny Carson invited you over to the couch after your set, you were the next big thing. If he didn’t, it was probably time to look for a job writing TV or jokes for other people, because you weren’t going to make it as a performer.

Those of you who have followed me on here the last three years know that I have struggled at time with monetizing my story. I didn’t want to feel like I was exploiting myself for financial gain. Many of you helped me see over time that I was too much in my head about it and the only way to be able to continue on my pornography addiction education crusade was to generate income so I could live my life. It’s taken some time, but I arrived at that place not too long ago. The reality is, I don’t want to be a freelance writer or ghostwriter for anybody beyond the couple of clients I still have. I don’t want to hustle to find new clients and write books or blog entries for other people. I need to figure out a way to pay the bills as part of my new life addressing porn addiction. The TED Talk is the best opportunity I have to make that happen on a grander scale as it will expose me to an audience that I would otherwise never reach. It could be a couple thousand, it could be a couple million. If it’s a couple million, I need to be prepared.

There are some things going on in the background now, and one of them will be revamping this site. I’ve hired a professional and I will not only be giving them 99% autonomy, I will be leaning on them to help create a strategy for what content is appropriate or not, and a schedule to produce it. I know that I’ve been leaning a little too heavy into the political lately, and I’m not sure these rambling kind of pieces like you’re reading now have much of a place in a future site. It allows me to clear my head, so I’ll have to figure something else out.

Right now, I have three books, an online course and a coaching/advisement offering that I have promoted to different degrees. They are the ways that I generate revenue. Hopefully they get more attention after the TED Talk, but hopefully I can also land a speaking agent to book me gigs once the world gets beyond COVID. I also know that a successful talk will lead to other opportunities I probably can’t imagine at the moment.

This feels a little bit like a goodbye note, but it’s not. I just need to take the next steps necessary to position myself for success. This site will become a hub for activity and I will be directing people back here for just about everything. I hope you’ll still like and comment on my stuff so it doesn’t look like a graveyard and I will continue to respond in comments. I will also continue to read other people’s blogs, although I must admit I have slacked on doing that daily. I also want to thank those who have been with me for so long, pushing me, adding their two cents, encouraging me, telling me when I dropped the ball and reminding me what I’m doing is important but that I can’t let it consume me. I wouldn’t have got to this point without you.

Here’s to whatever happens next…

6 thoughts on “Time to Evolve into the Next Chapter of this Journey

  1. Sounds like you have a good plan! Looking back at all the experience you have with presenting your material, it will be a good TED-talk. And the other things are also growing, like your website. I think you’re heading in a good direction. It fun to follow the journey of possibilities.

    1. Thanks. I like to think there’s a small core of you who are like virtual friends that have been there since the early days and have seen what I’m trying to do grow. It feels like this is the right time to put some real time and money behind it and see what happens.

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