It’s Just Another Manic Monday

Oh, Oh, I wish it were Sunday. That’s my funday. My I don’t have to run day. “Manic Monday” was always my favorite song by The Bangles when I was a kid even though I didn’t appreciate the workforce dread. “Walk Like an Egyptian” is still too weird for me, as it was then.

I can’t believe this has 47 million views on YouTube. It makes me feel better about my poor taste in 1980s music.


I just got off a Zoom call with a class at the University of Maryland where I gave a short presentation and participated in a great Q&A with about 10 students and their professor. In another day or two, I’ll share their questions. I really miss talking to groups of young adults about porn addiction. The answer is with them, not my age group. Now, I’m playing beat-the-clock writing this because I’ve got a podcast interview in an hour and another one later this afternoon. I’ve loaded up my interview schedule this week both so I could practice my TEDx Talk and promote it. Maybe not just Manic Monday.

Did somebody ask me to promote my TEDx Talk? I’d be delighted!

This Sunday, December 6, streaming live on I’ll be giving the presentation “The Twisted Tentacles of Porn Addiction” which will introduce even regular readers of this site to new information. There are also six other great presentations ranging from 10 to 15 minutes on a variety of non-porn topics. The only catch is that you have to register for tickets in advance. You set your own price, so you can set $0 (or give a donation) and they will send a link in a few days for you to follow.

Even if you’re unsure if you’ll make it, I’d suggest you register so you’re not left out if you decide last second that you want to watch. I’ll try to update this site the day of the event to let you know what time I’ll be speaking. The pre-show starts streaming at 5 p.m. EST and the show itself is at 6 p.m. EST.

The Past

It was one year ago today, November 30, 2019, that my second book He’s a Porn Addict…Now What? An Expert and a Former Addict Answer Your Questions was released to the public. That, too, was a Manic Monday. It has sold more than double (probably triple) my other two books’ sales combined. That’s not to say the other books tanked. It’s just that this one did that well.

I have met so many wonderful women over the last year suffering with betrayal trauma or simply having to deal with their partner’s pornography addiction. This is one strong group of ladies. I’d want them on the front lines fighting in any war I was in.

If you haven’t read the book, I’ve been told from addicts, therapists and even a few people who just wanted to learn more about porn addiction that it’s a good source of information and easy to digest. Amazon is running a sale on it today at 25% off the regular paperback price, so check it out if you haven’t read the book yet. It’s also available as a Kindle and in hardcover, where it’s 45% off list price.

I never could have guessed I’d publish another book in that time, Porn and the Pandemic, or that we would have a worldwide pandemic. Whether you believe the proof or not, it’s changed all of our lives. Hopefully the news this morning about very promising results of a vaccine are true. Remember, it’s not vaccines that save lives, it’s vaccinations. You need to take the vaccine.

The Future

Thank you to all who have supported my writing over the last few years. It’s what keeps me going and yes, I have plans for another book. The title just came to me the other night and I’m letting how I want to present the concept percolate in my head until after the holidays

Plenty more Manic Mondays, I hope. It’ll be interesting to see what the TEDx Talk does for me, if anything.

Hopefully COVID will be a thing of the past by mid-2021 and I can start booking presentations by next Fall. After talking to the University of Maryland students today, I really want to get back into classrooms lecturing about this stuff and book some larger speeches. Making a living doing this is still the goal. Maybe 2021 is the year?

I mentioned I have a new book idea about pornography addiction and I actually have another TED Talk idea as well. I like when I have ideas and the inner drive to pursue them. It makes me enjoy life so much more.

And maybe sometime in the future, my kitchen remodel will be finished. I’m not counting on that being 2021 at the rate this going. Oh well, just another Manic Monday!

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  1. I think Manic Monday should be incorporated into the new book somehow. That was such an awesome song back in the day when I was a kid and thought maybe life was actually like that….

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