A Glimpse Into My Former Life

Despite being an addict, I was a very creative person. Unfortunately, my life in recovery has provided me with fewer opportunities — or at least different opportunities — for being creative. It’s still a trade-off I’ll take.

Here’s the promo I made for my TEDx Talk this weekend. This shows you why people in my community wondered what kind of shenanigans I’d be pulling next back in the day.

Shoutout to my son for helping. I think he enjoyed his violent bit. I’m sure of it. Hopefully Scott Baio does, too.

1. Press Play. 2. Watch. 3. Enjoy Scott Baio Reference. 4. Go register for tickets at TEDxHarford.com

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6 thoughts on “A Glimpse Into My Former Life

    1. OK…good. I’ll take that as a “I loved that video you and your son did.” The TEDx hasn’t been published yet, at least as of 1.20.21, citizens of the future. It may be online by the time someone else reads this. Don’t worry…when it comes out, you’ll know.

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