The Greatest Book Review In The History of Mankind

Yes, I know that I’m getting a little lazy utilizing Instagram reposts and calling them blog posts, but sometimes if you want to provide content, you’ve got to double-up. When this book review came out this week, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I have since tracked down Sue and thanked her very much for this review. I did let her know that I was sharing the book review with the world.

I promise there will be more posts in July. I can’t promise that some won’t just be videos or postings I made to Instagram. There are only so many hours in a day and I know many of the people who follow me don’t have Instagram. If you do, please follow me there. It’s a heck of a creative outlet for someone as visual as myself.

The book is still on sale at Amazon and you can always contact me for coaching through this site. BTW, the book is 25% off as I write this!

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