New Trauma Book Featuring My Story Available Today for 99 Cents

After writing three books in the three years, I decided at some point in late 2020, after my most recent book didn’t do very well in sales, that I’d take an extended break from writing. Behind the scenes, as I transitioned into being a coach, I also was transitioning away from being a freelance writer and ghostwriter, something I did for 6 years after a career in journalism that was 20 years long. Whether it was writing for my own projects or someone else’s, I was tired of stringing words together into sentences and trying to come up with something of value. It came as a total surprise when asked earlier this year to contribute to a new trauma book being released this Tuesday.

The book is called From Hardened to Healed
and is available on Amazon for 99 cents HERE.

Right up front, I want to say if this is the Monday evening the night before you’re reading it, or the Tuesday it is released, the book is available for 99 cents until Wednesday. That’s over 90% off the cover price and it’s being done as a special promotion on Monday and Tuesday only. If you have any questions about trauma, this book may very well answer them. It’s written by Dr. Debi Silber, one of my mentors who trained and certified me in betrayal trauma. She is the founder of the Post Betrayal Transformation Institute in NY. If you’re reading this after Tuesday, maybe you’ll catch a sale, but even at $100, grab it!

My section is both a first-person account of my life before and after recovery. I also share a hypothesis about whether addicts are ultimately betrayal trauma victims. I think it’s an interesting read with some details people don’t already know about me. Most of the book takes the reader on the journey from recognize you’ve got betrayal trauma, to the early stages of dealing with it, to more advanced concepts and finally, to acceptance and healing. As a coach, those last two pieces are huge. Dr. Silber has created a “five stages of grief” model that makes so much sense.

Special book release event this Tuesday

I do want you all to drop 99 cents and get the book, but if you’ve got time and want to hear Dr. Silber speak about the book and betrayal trauma in general, she’s hosting a Virtual Book Launch Party Tuesday, October 5, at 2 p.m. EST/11 a.m. PST. If you’d like to stop by, I’ll be speaking very early in the program, both about my contribution to the book and about the work that I do as an active coach and instructor with PBT. Sign up in advance HERE.

Many people are still too scared to see me for a one-time session over the computer, much less sit down with someone face-to-face in their office. I get it. Dipping your toe into this water is challenging. There’s no better way to get quality information and digest at your speed than you get with a book. And having seen this book, it’s something I couldn’t have written. It’s so well done that I have a feeling we’re going to see a lot of new people joining PBT.

I don’t see a dime from this book. It’s not going to get me one extra interview. At best, my byline should be “contributor.” This is not a vanity project for me. It’s more about helping people who I know need it and I’m proud to be associated with this book. Please consider dropping 99 cents.

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