2021 Interviews and Appearances

Highlights of Recent Podcasts

March 12, 2021 – Inside America’s Minds with Dr. Jodi J. DeLuca – I kept wanting to ask Jodi if I moved to Canada would that disqualify me from ever being a guest on her show again? I first met Jodi probably four months ago as we were regular panelists on a show about relationships and life that was discontinued. She was the wordy, academic expert. I was the blunt expert. Sometimes we were in lockstep, and sometimes we were oil and water, like the time I called her “cold” and she wouldn’t forget it for a month. But we’re best friends now. I actually enjoyed this interview because I knew Jodi has a certain view of who I am and this allowed us to have the deepest conversation we’ve had. And I’m not moving just so I can go on again. Click here for Audio or Video

March 17, 2021 – Disavowed – When I get requests to do podcasts, I always make sure to listen to a little bit of the show before I say yes. On this show, the host Beebo was very upfront with the fact he usually does a right-leaning political broadcast. I told him that was fine with me, but that there were a few times I’ve ended up on a show where the politics when strongly one way or the other. I’ll talk to anyone, as long as they understand that pornography addiction is not a liberal or conservative problem…it’s a people problem. Beebo assured me we’d keep it politics free and we had a great conversation that to me, sounds like two old buddies just riding down the road. I hope you’ll check it out. Click Here for Video

March 20, 2021 – Knockin’ Doorz Down – I’m sure I’ve admitted it before, but I appear on so many podcasts that I rarely listen to them. When it came together that I would appear on Knockin’ Doorz Down, I researched the show and saw in the last few months that people like Ric Flair, Charlie Sheen, Caitlyn Jenner, Bam Margera and other A and B level celebrities were appearing. So I knew there was an opportunity to reach a wide audience. I would honestly say that I revealed more about my story in this interview than any other I’ve done to date, and any more than I will for a while. Even for the person who has heard 10 of my shows, this is one you shouldn’t miss. Click here for Audio or Video

March 26, 2021 – Mind Closet 101 – It’s always a great way to start my Friday when I’m invited onto Mind Closet 101. In this episode, Brother Michael, “The Blind Blogger” Maxwell Ivey and I, tackle the subject of procrastination. It’s probably one of humankind’s biggest flaws and holds all of us back from time-to-time. We tear apart the concept here and discuss how procrastination hurts not only you, but potentially those around you who are depending upon you. There’s no porn addiction or betrayal trauma talk in this episode, but I think it’s a great discussion on a topic that touches everyone. Click here for Video.

March 29, 2021 – The Ray Agliata Show – Ray’s been doing his show for a while now and is just as fascinating a person as any of his guests. He and I probably talked just as long after the show ended. He was experimenting with a co-host for this episode in Pratiti Pathak who I think added a unique voice to things as women always do. I enjoy shows like this with multiple hosts because the more voices that are part of a conversation, the more perspectives and more opportunities to learn we get. I hope you’ll give this one a listen. Click here for Audio


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