Please read the Disclaimer Page before proceeding.

You’ve decided you want to explore this method of support. Fantastic. Even if this ends up not being the way you find peace, you are to be commended for trying. You’re braver than you know for seeking help with your pornography addiction, for your partner’s pornography addiction, or for the betrayal trauma you’re dealing with.

First, make connection with me via email at, and in a couple of sentences tell me your situation and main concerns you’d like me to help with. I also need you to write that you have read the disclaimer and agree to begin a consultative relationship with me.

Please also give me a couple of times over the next 72 hours (3 days) when we could meet on Zoom (or Skype, please state if this is your preference) for a 30-minute, no-charge consultation. This is a chance for me to ask a few more questions, for you to get a sense of my style and ultimately to decide if we both want to move forward together.

Please be aware I am in the Eastern US Time Zone, three hours later than the US West Coast and 5 hours earlier than London Time.

If you have decided you want to move forward together, we will construct a strategy of treatment for you. Following this initial call, I will send you two assessments that I will ask you fill out prior to our first official session. Our sessions will run 45-to-50 minutes.

Until a relationship of trust is established, you must remit payment, prior to each appointment via PayPal to

Number of SessionsPrice
Single Session$90
4 Session Package (1 month)$320
8 Session Package (2 months)$600
13 Session Package (3 months)$910

Please Note: For pornography addicts, I am not currently offering services as a 12-Step sponsor.
I will consider a paid “accountability partner” working relationship under the right circumstances.

Please Note: For relationships formed by the PBT Institute, there is a slightly different payment arrangement. Please contact for details.