Focusing On:
Pornography/Sex Addiction, Infidelity, Betrayal Trauma

Joshua Shea is a coach, author and speaker sharing his story and educating about pornography addiction. Pornography-free since March 2014, he believes that if we can begin to talk more about porn addiction and mental health, others may be able to address their addictions before they devolve to the unhealthy levels that he reached. Joshua also addresses the issues that come with being a partner of a porn addict and raising children in a world of high-speed Internet access. Interviewed more than 250 times, he has written three books, designed an online course for partners and coaches/advises both addicts and partners.

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Joshua Shea specializes in coaching both men and women who are pornography addicts, or are the partners of a pornography addict. He also coaches people who are dealing with trauma, and is certified as betrayal trauma coach through the PBT Institute and has a life coaching certificate through KEW/CTAA. He has experience dealing with clients whose issues range from infidelity, emotional affairs, sex/porn addiction and family disputes to alcoholism, communication issues in marriage, gaslighting and narcissism. 


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